Providing relief, realignment and reconnection to the body through personalised remedial bodywork and emotional anatomy principles


S E A : Bodywork + Psychosomatics has been established to bring together a number of aligned body-focused modalities to promote mental, emotional and physical awareness and balance.

It is primarily a remedial bodywork service with a focus on emotional anatomy and the psycho-emotional energy that can be held within the body. This energy can be reflected within the body’s shape and form, tissues, structure, movement and gait. It can present as misalignments of posture, body armouring, desensitised areas of tissue, tension, stiffness, and/or pain within the body.

The term psychosomatic refers to the relationship of the psyche (mind + soul) and the soma (the physical body). Awareness of our psychosomatic communication can allow us to better understand and care for ourselves, improve the condition of our body and our mind, change how we relate to ourselves and others, and work towards restoring our health and well-being if compromised through illness, dis-ease or stress.

"Psyche depends on body and body depends on psyche"

- C.G Jung


To provide a professional and high-quality bodywork and body mind therapy service by combining my head, my heart, my hands and my humanity to assist in facilitating relief, awareness and empowerment to all clients through their body and along with the language of their body.

–  Sarah Alexander