Psychosomatic Face Splits

Thursday, 17th of October, 2019.


We, as human beings, have a combination of both masculine and feminine energy. The representation of these energies can be seen within our face and our body.

Our right side represents and expresses the masculine – our action, our doing and how we present to the external world. It is shaped by our masculine influences in life, our analytical and more rigid and structured left brain processes and expression.

The left side of the body, the feminine, represents our receptive and intuitive nature, our internal and private world. It reflects our feminine influences, our creativity, and our more gentle, flexible and artistic side – our right brain expression.

It is healthy to aim for an overall balanced expression from both sides.

💭 How would the right and left sides of your face and body compare?
💭 Would one be more overly dominant than the other?
💭 Do you experience more injuries/pain on one side of your body than the other?
💭 Are there notable differences between your left and right side that you would like to understand at a deeper level?

Having a face split and analysis (showing a mirrored right side and a mirrored left side to produce two faces) compared with the original photograph is a simple and insightful way to show how your masculine and feminine energies have shaped your physicality, which serves as a powerful activity for self reflection, awareness and self care.

The first time I experienced a psychosomatic face split, I was moved by the differences between my right and left side. At the time, they were two very different ‘people’ living within the one body and their expression was clearly out of balance. Seeing how they were represented in my face and body, and comparing the images to how they showed up (or weren’t showing up) for me in my life was profound; guiding me to make some changes to move towards finding greater balance.

Tracking face splits over time can also be a helpful exercise as a ‘check in’. It is also interesting to see where and how our face shape and features can change with different stages in our life, periods of significant stress and reflect our perceptions, beliefs and the influences we experience in our inner and outer world.