your body holds your history

The body has a natural ability to move towards a greater level of health and balance given the right environment and appropriate care. Paying attention and listening to the subtle and not so subtle ways our body and soul communicates and acknowledging the history and energy held within the body tissues, structure and posture, can bring about a deeper personal understanding of how our past has shaped us, how our characterology is reflected and represented in our body and how some of the beliefs and attitudes that we carry can restrict us in ways we may not be aware.

People can make big shifts in how they feel within their body, how they live inside their body and how they express themselves and their emotions through their body with a greater understanding and appreciation of their bodymind relationship – enhanced by their own inner work, patience, self-compassion and commitment to themselves.

Sessions aim to facilitate :

// greater awareness + understanding of the bodymind relationship

// relief of tension and pain

// a calming of the nervous system

// realignment of body posture + the release of restrictive holdings

// create more ease of movement and space within the body

// improved mental, emotional and physical balance

// greater steadiness + stability of the body and self

// the release of stagnant or redundant energy held within the body

"Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life"

- Harbajan Singh Yogi

Sessions can utilise a particular modality or draw on a number of approaches including :

// the enneagram + somatics

// postural and body mind analysis

// movement exercises

// breath + voice awareness and techniques

// other holistic approaches