Standing Your Ground

Monday, 6th of January, 2020.


The knees are an area of our body that hold our solar plexus energy. The energy of our knees relates to our sense of identity, personal power, confidence, movement forward in life, bending to ‘authority’ and our feeling of the need for our self-protection. Our knees play a significant role in our ability to stand up in life, to stand up for ourselves and to stand our ground.

Over the course of our life and with our occupations and activities, they absorb a fair amount of pressure between the impact of the ground below and our body weight above – this weight above may not be purely physical but can relate to a psycho-emotional weight that is also a heavy load to carry, especially over an extended period of time. 

I have worked with clients who have presented with knee pain who also have habitually locked knees. They usually recognise a holding back on their own action based around fear, or feeling the need to ‘hold their ground’ in an overly rigid way as well as not trusting and allowing the flow of life to happen. This rigidity not only causes excess tension of the knees, but commonly causes a strain in the lower back and an overuse of other areas of the legs to balance the body weight to compensate. 

Releasing the muscles and fascia as well as the client allowing a slight bend to the knees to release the locking when they notice it occurring will begin to bring about greater alignment, more stability of the body and mind, and an ease to the body’s balance and posture. 

“The knees allow you to bend, to concede, to give, and to especially give way, to be humble. In kneeling you relinquish the ego and embrace humility; without this you become stubborn, proud, inflexible and self-righteous. But when the knees give way too quickly, knocking and trembling with fear, then you need to rise up and claim your place in the world, developing greater self-esteem and confidence”. 

– Deb Shapiro.

“Your Body Speaks Your Mind” p. 132.