Our Base
Our Foundation

Saturday, 24th of August, 2019.


How safe and secure do you feel in your environment and in your body? Do you feel a healthy sense of support for yourself, and from others?

Our base energy relates to our sense of how supported and physically safe and secure we feel. It reflects our right to be here, our ‘tribe’, our family and our feelings of belonging in our community. The base is fundamental in providing a solid foundation for all other energy centres to function at their best. The base energy relates to the earth element, our sense of smell and our basic needs such as food, water and shelter. 

Base energy is (primarily) physically represented in the:


  • grounding of the feet
  • calves
  • outer thighs
  • buttocks
  • base of the spine
  • chin and jaw

The individual and combined presentation of these areas reveals detail about a person’s habitual and present life experience in relation to their base energy and their perception around their feelings of support, security, safety and stability. This energy is linked to our primal, natural instinctive behaviour and reactions of fight/flight/freeze. The base is sensitive to feelings of fear; significant life changing events such as losing a job, moving house, family disruptions, traumatic events, abandonment, and circumstances affecting our health in a challenging way can impact on these areas.

The importance of having and maintaining healthy base energy is essential to feel that we can appropriately and adequately support ourselves and our needs for our health, to be and to stay present and grounded, and to have a sense of physical abundance and vitality in life. 

If we have healthy base energy, we tend to feel stable, safe, healthy in our body, solid in our support for ourselves, grounded in our daily activities and live with an abundant mindset. If we are not balanced, we are in excess or deficient of the energy in one form or another. The longer the habitual pattern or existence of the imbalance, the more this will show up in the visible presentation as well as within the structure and function of these areas of the body over time.

It is true that some body types and characterologies are naturally more solid and comfortable in their base energy while others can find it more challenging. Regular physical activities for base energy or to build charge for deficiency in these areas can include:

  • squats
  • lunges
  • yoga mountain pose (tadasana)
  • yoga bridge pose (setu banda sarvangasana)
  • walking barefoot on the grass/dirt/clay
  • activities that bring energy, sensation and movement into the buttocks and legs

Developing a healthy and attentive relationship with your base energy will encourage a stable and prosperous life with presence and vitality. It can take commitment, care and maintenance, but, for you and your health, you’re worth it.