your body is your life's narrative

The term ‘psychosomatic’ refers to the relationship of the ‘psyche’ (the soul/mind/spirit) and the ‘soma’ (the physical body).

Psychosomatic Therapy, founded by the late Hermann Müller, focuses on a client’s ability to connect with their own sense of self and self-alignment that is guided by the observation and study of the body’s shape, posture, and the condition that it is currently in.

Questions are asked of the client to encourage engagement in self-analysis through the body, honouring life experiences and how their body has formed its current presentation. It is a process where a clients’ curiosity, self-compassion, appropriate self-care and connection are key.

It is a modality that is well-coupled with remedial bodywork to assist in postural alignment, the release and relief of tension (mental, emotional and physical) and also provides a unique and individual experience for those who are curious about their physical body on a deeper level.

Sessions also focus on a clients’ dialogue, symptoms, and life stressors, aiming to encourage a greater awareness through the body, acknowledge strengths and challenges in combination with the body’s communication, release held (redundant/restrictive) psycho-emotional energy, allow for new perspectives and to assist in bringing about a greater overall focus, balance and stability to the mental, emotional and physical areas of the clients’ body in a holistic way.

Psychosomatic and emotional anatomy focused consultations and sessions may include aspects of:

// facial analysis + face split analysis

// body types and natural presentations of type

// postural, gait and body mind analysis

// tissue types and interpretation

// body split analysis

// masculine + feminine energetic presentations

// energy anatomy

// breathing awareness and techniques

// exploration of personal values + somatic alignment

// other holistic approaches

"Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body's reaction to your mind - you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body"

- Eckhart Tolle

The Psychosomatic Therapy process is a valuable modality for growth, facilitating a greater level of personal awareness, providing valuable insights and offers an opportunity to view body-mind communication, and oneself, with a new understanding and appreciation. 


Sarah Alexander - SEA: Bodywork and Psychosomatics